How To Optimize Your Email Marketing For Mobile

Do you know that 50 percent of all emails go to mobile devices? However, most of the email marketing campaigns are optimized for desktops rather than mobile devices. Majority of the subscribers in our email lists use their smartphones to read their emails and it is imperative that our next email should be optimized for mobile devices. Mobile has become the number one device to keep in touch on the go and emails are an integral part of it.

Now, let me ask you a question. Have you optimized your emails for mobile devices? Are your emails optimized for mobile opens and clicks? Is your website optimized for viewing on the mobile devices? Because most of the click-throughs from mobile opens will come to our website. Mobile open rates are 500 percent more than desktops and web browsers. So, it is safe to say that it is time to concentrate on mobile optimization seriously.

Now, to properly optimize for mobile devices, we can use these 4 tools.

1 Reduce the Size of your images

The first tool which we need is called JPEG Mini. It is an award-winning app which helps reduce the size of your website images. Even though people use mobile devices a lot, the download speeds on them are still on a slower side. Due to this, it takes time to download images from your website. With the help of this app, you can reduce the size of the images before adding them to your website or your email. With just a few clicks, we can reduce the size of a file by almost 80%.

2 Email Preview On Various Devices

Most of the email marketers use a limited number of templates over and over again. They are building a brand and the most important thing is to keep the look and feel of the brand same. However, what if your email doesn’t look good on a mobile device. There is no way to find it beforehand. Litmus is the tool which can be used in this situation. It will show you the preview of your template in various email clients. It is by far the best tool to use if you are launching a big campaign and you want to test the effectiveness of your email design.

3 Test Your Themes

You might have experienced this many times when you surf on your smartphone. When you go to a website, half of it is out of the mobile screen. This is due to the fact that the theme of the website is not optimized for viewing on a mobile device. This annoys me a lot. In the same way, this also annoys all the subscribers who have clicked through to your website from your email. Hence, I recommend using an optimized theme for your website as well as your emails. One such place to find these in theme forest. These templates can be customized to match the look and feel that you want.

4 Autoresponder to the Rescue

An autoresponder is a service which can help you develop your entire email marketing campaign for smartphone viewing. One such autoresponder is Mailchimp. It is among the top 5 available in the world. MailChimp provides complete tutorials on how to create responsible emails and lets’ you preview how your email will look in different email clients.

These are just 4 of the tools I recommend, there are many more. I hope you use these in your email marketing campaigns.

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