3 Important Tips To Build Ample of Subscribers

The biggest factor in the success of email marketing is the number of subscribers it has. It is very important to keep your email list as fresh as possible. You might not be serious about this but it is very important to attract new subscribers every day if you want to be profitable in the long run. This should be the most important thing you do every day for your email marketing campaigns.

It is known from a popular research that 50 percent of email subscribers have signed up to receive an email from as much as 10 to 12 different brands. And 8 to 10 percent don’t even receive a single email from these brands. It has become increasingly difficult for email marketers to get their emails in the subscribers’ inbox.

We can use various methods to encourage people to signup to your email marketing campaigns. This might include adding testimonials on your landing page, giving a free trial for a month or a week and much more. The most important thing is keeping your signup process as simple and straightforward as possible. Some of the ways to increase your subscriber base are as follows:

1 Offer a Free Lead magnet

A lead magnet is something like a pdf file or a video training or software which can be provided for free. This enables the subscriber to remove the price barrier and provide his or her email address. Although, the major catch in this tactic is that it should be of tremendous value. If the lead magnet does not have value as advertised on the landing page, the subscriber won’t be interested to open and read the following emails from you.

2 Create a separate Landing page

It is imperative to the success of lead magnet that you create a separate landing page otherwise known as a squeeze page. If you send the subscriber to the home page of your website or blog, the subscriber can be easily distracted from the signup process. By using a squeeze page your goal is solely to get the subscriber to signup to the email list. The only thing on the landing page should be the information about the lead magnet and the way to subscribe to the list to acquire it.

3 Keep your Subscribers Happy

The best way to get more subscribers to keep the existing subscribers happy. You can use my 3VP method to email the subscribers who are already on your list. And once you know that they are happy and you get good consistent open rates, you can ask them to share your squeeze page to entice more subscribers like them. They will be happy to do this for you as people usually are happy to provide referrals. If you don’t know my 3VP method, let me explain in brief. 3VP stands for 3 Value and one promotion. It means while emailing your list, you provide 3 value filled emails and one promotional email. The most important thing is to email daily and keep it just like the 3VP method.

Subscribers to your email list are the heart and soul of your business. There are other numerous ways to increase your subscriber base like using search engine marketing, social media marketing, paid traffic. You have to decide ultimately which avenue you want to test to increase your revenue and in turn, increase your profits.

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