How To Make Your Subscribers Read Your Email

As the internet is evolved, it has become difficult to get readers attention every day. In the earlier days, email was just a straight text with no formatting. But nowadays, this is changed and design has become an integral part of email marketing. Email has become a lot sophisticated. The email open rate has become less day by day. This is because people have become choosy on which email to open. So, How do you actually use email marketing in your business when the open rate is low? How do you make your subscribers read what you have sent?

The Predicament of the Email Clients

Nowadays, we can create amazing emails. They can include animated gif files, counters, images, etc. However, the most important thing is that emails are first and foremost a tool to deliver a message fast. Many browsers have changed with time, but email clients have the same look and feel. Whatever you create in your autoresponder may look good when you create it, but inside the email would be a whole different story.

Keep it Super Simple

To make your subscribers happy, you have to keep the design of your email simple and sober. If you put more elements in your email, there is a chance that something will go wrong. I still use the old-school style for my emails and I test each and everything regularly. Nowadays, autoresponder services provide a way to preview your created email in a simulation of email clients. Be sure to check it out and preview your email in all the popular email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. The only way to be sure that your email design is looking good is to test it rigorously.

Link to the duplicate email message

If you are a regular email user, you might have got some emails which have a link at the top of the message. The link says something like this “If you can’t see the following message click here”. This is the link you should add in your email. See, many a time, email messages come to our mailbox as garbage or in some code. This is due to some transmission errors. This is the reason why you should have a link to a web page which is same as the email message. Many popular autoresponders give this functionality inbuilt in every email they send on your behalf.

The Most Important Page (Your Landing Page)

Your landing page is the most important page if you want your subscriber to read your emails. It should be interesting and it should look good and grab the attention of the subscribers. Within seconds your subscriber will know if they are interested in reading your emails. If you do everything right, you will get a happy subscriber who will read your emails and also buy a lot of products from you.

Finally, Your Trump Card

What is your trump card you may ask? It is the subject line of your email. The only way a subscriber will open an email is through the subject line. If you don’t get attention by intriguing subject line, your email won’t get opened. It is the first thing he or she will see in their email client. To make your subject line more intriguing be careful of the following in it:
Personalize the subject line
Ask an intriguing question
Number work well in subject lines (for example – 5 top tips for something)

It is not difficult to create a good email marketing campaign. However, it is rather difficult to nurture your list and make them happy so that they read your email and buy from your recommendations. But, if you do it right, it is not that difficult after all.

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