4 Types Of Emails To Use In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

So, you are running online email marketing campaigns. You are most probably using the popular format of newsletters which are monthly, weekly or even every couple of weeks of frequency. Now, after some time you realise that you are not getting traction on the newsletter. The problem is that you are relying on just the popular format, which is a big mistake. Did you know that there are 4 other types of emails apart from newsletter which you can use to connect to your subscribers.

1 Pure Informational Emails

Informational emails are just that, they provide pure information. These are short and to the point and they do not require any action from the subscriber like clicking through to the a website or something else. Some of the examples of informational emails are happy birthday messages or webinar reminders or launch reminders.

2 Knowledge Emails

Knowledge or Educational emails are very popular because they help to solve some type of a problems of the subscribers. And the most important reason they are so popular is the fact that they are free and they don’t usually promote any product. This doesn’t mean that you can combine this type of emails with promotional email, but that topic is for some other time. We send these emails when we have new content or want to provide value to the subscribers before a launch of a product. If you use an autoresponder service, you have an option to tag the subscribers. This enables you to segment the subscribers, hence giving you a chance to send the right kind of content to a specific segment.

3 Nurturing Emails

Nurturing emails are the least used emails in email marketing realm. When they are used they are used with wrong perception. Nurturing emails leads a subscriber through a sales funnel. It is like hand holding a subscriber to make that final sale. We create 7 or 8 emails which provides value to the subscriber. It should be noted that every email should to designed in such a way that it takes the subscriber a step closer to the final sale. Nowadays, autoresponders like Aweber and Getresponse enables us to set up emails to be delivered over a period of time. For example, Joe subscribes on Monday and Steve on Tuesday. Both will receive different emails in the sequence of emails we set up in the Aweber back office.

4 Promotional Emails

The main reason we are in email marketing business is to earn profit. And promotional emails does just that. They are emails which contain links to our products or our affiliate links which earns us money. However, if done wrong you can find your subscriber complaining or deleting your messages. One rule of thumb that I use in my email marketing campaigns is the 3VP method. It is simple, we provide three value emails or educational emails and then the fourth one is the promotional email.

Many people say that you should not annoy your subscribers with frequent emails. In my experience, we should email once a day every day. This enables us to be in the minds of subscribers, only if you use the 3VP method.

Do you use these type of emails in your email marketing campaigns? If not, I suggest you start using them and check out the results.

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