What And How To Test Your Email Campaign

How do you test the effectiveness of your email campaigns? Nowadays, almost all autoresponder services provide tools to test elements of your emails in your campaign. Did you know that? It is essential to test various elements of your emails. This will help us to determine how to increase the click-through rate of our emails. Also, we will know why people are unsubscribing from our list. Our goal is to understand what components of our email gets us better results. You have to understand though that you have to test changing just one element at a time.

1 Names and Email Addresses

It is essential to have a consistent “From” name and email address. Another important thing is the “Reply-To” email address. I would recommend keeping “From” email address and the “Reply-to” email address same. Also, don’t use a free email address like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail in these fields. It is also important to keep a consistent name and address at the bottom of your email. Your autoresponder will make it very easy to do this without any problem.

2 What is your Subject Line

The subject is the first thing that subscriber looks before opening your email. Our aim is to first get the attention of the subscriber and that is done with the help of subject line. It is to be tested accordingly to ensure you get most opens for your email. The following 4 elements of the subject line should be tested rigorously.
Check if personalizing works well with every email.
How long is your subject line
Is it possible to add a call to action in the subject line
3 Consistent Email Design

The biggest mistake most marketers do is to change the look and feel of every email they send. The mind of a subscriber is very fragile, so you have to keep the look and feel of every email same. This enables us to be in the mind of the subscriber. Every time they see a similar design, their memory is activated and they are in a mood to read that email. It is also equally important to check and evaluate your design periodically. This enables us to understand if the design is still working or we need to make changes. You have to check some of the design elements including:
Capitalization of letters and headings
Size of the font in the email
All the bold sentences
Images in your email
Colors of your headings and other sentences
4 Testing email content

You want your subscriber to open the email and then also click on the link placed inside. Hence, you have to check all the content of the email as well. This includes headlines, call to action, anchor texts, & images as well. Each and every element should trigger an action that you want from your subscriber.

5 What time should I email?

The timing of the email is very important. Most of the autoresponders give you detailed information about the location of each subscriber. As every subscriber is from different time zones, their opening and email checking times are also different. A very good autoresponder which helps in delivering emails at subscriber’s time zone is Get response. It also helps us determine the best possible time for a subscriber to open an email.

Testing your emails in your email marketing campaign is an integral part of your business. It is very essential to test everything to understand the effectiveness of this channel in your business. Every marketer or businessman should test the effectiveness of their email marketing on regular basis.

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