Buy Email Marketing List or Build It is the Question

Email marketing is a very nasty business if done wrong. One of the questions that arise in it is whether to buy a list, rather than take the time and build a list yourself. When I started, I thought that it is easier to just buy the list, then why not go for it. However, before you do down that route you have to be aware of some things. There are some things which will change your mind about going down the easy way.

Let us begin what you risk when you buy a list and why you should reconsider the idea of buying a list. The following are some points you need to consider before buying a list.

1 Non-Targeted & Uninterested Contacts

Most of the prospects in the bought out list have not been to your website. Due to this, they have never shown a specific interest in your products or the freebie you usually offer. Hence, most of the time they might think that you are spamming them as they don’t remember joining your email marketing list. This might increase your unsubscription rate as well as complaint rate. Many a time, they gave their email address and opted in on a different website with a belief that their email address would not be sold. They were told to believe that their email address will be kept in confidence. You have no idea if they are actually interested in your products and services.

2 Most of your emails flagged as spam

This is the most common problem with buying a list and very dangerous as well. If the person on your bought list doesn’t recognize your name or your company name then they will most likely flag your email as spam. Due to this, email providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail will filter out your email address and put you in their blacklist. Your domain name might also land up in the blacklist. And it is very difficult to get out of this list once you are in it.

3 List Sold to Multiple Buyers

Most of these lists that you purchase are cheap. Hence, you know that you are not the only person who has bought the list that you have. Almost all the people on the list are most certainly swamped with a lot of emails from different buyers. We all have experienced this. We sign up to a list and then after some days, we are getting emails from people or companies that you’ve never heard of. So, when you send an email to such a kind of list, your email is most certainly lost in the hundreds of emails that are sent to the same subscribers. Suddenly you have a lot of competition. You will have wasted your hard earned money without a single shred of benefit. However, the person who sold you the list will be very happy.

So Now, How Do You Build a Targeted Email List

The only legitimate way to build a targeted email list is to have an opt-in page on your website. All the leads or prospects that are added to your list come from your own website. They know what they are subscribing for and what to expect from you. Many times, these leads convert to paying customers and not just that they become repeat customers if your product recommendation is good. It is definitely worth to have this kind of list. However, it might take a bit longer to build it.

So, my verdict would be to build your own list rather than waste your money buying a list which is worthless anyway.

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