How To Effectively Use Email Marketing In Your Business

Email Marketing is by far the best tool in any marketers arsenal to connect with customers. With every $1 spent per subscriber, it generates almost $44 in ROI. So, it is safe to say that email marketing is the best way to market without spending a lot of money. Most of the money that is spent is to acquire new subscribers. And to do that you must have a newsletter in place. They are a great way to make people signup. Following are some of the ways we can implement email marketing in our business effectively.

  1. User-Friendly Subscription – It should be easy and a streamlined process of subscription. Users should not get annoyed with the process. We have to install a form of signup wherever possible, be it your home page, your blog sidebar, Facebook page and all other avenues. Don’t have a big form with too many fields. Collect only name and email address and if you want to add the birthday field. So that you can provide free gifts or discounts on the birthday of every subscriber.
  2. Your Content Expectation – Your subscribers should know what they will receive in your newsletter. They should know the time frame of the newsletter. Whether it is daily deals, or weekly tips or monthly company updates. All the information should be given to the subscribers on the landing page or the squeeze page of your newsletter. You can also add the relevant information about the newsletter in your thank you page or the welcome email.
  3. A Welcome Email – It is mandatory to send out a welcome email if you want to have an effective email marketing campaign. It makes the subscriber feet good and reminds him or her about why they signed up to the list, even though signed up just minutes ago. A welcome email is also a good place to give special offers to the subscribers.
  4. Create your brand – Create an email template which suits and matches your brand. This will create familiarity in the mind of your subscriber. You should include your logo in every email you send to the subscriber. Nowadays, it is easy to add an image in an email. The more familiar the subscriber becomes with your brand the more likely he or she becomes to buy any product you recommend.
  5. Relevant Content – You should always provide relevant content in your emails. For example, if your email marketing campaign is for traffic generation on a website, all your emails should be aligned with this topic. If you have segmented the subscribers with different tags, then you should make sure that the correct email is sent to the correct segment. Any subscriber will not even blink to unsubscribe if he or she gets an email they are not interested in and if the content is not fresh.

As I said at the start of this article, email marketing is one of the leading ways to grow your business. The ROI through it is through the roof. The first step is to entice the visitors of your website to signup and then nurture them and ultimately lead them to buy your product or your product recommendation. If you have a happy email tribe, you will be able to promote different products for a long time to the same list. Building a list and having email marketing in your business is the best recurring income you can have.

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